Safety Tip # 1
GFCI and AFCI breakers should be tested every month and after a fire or electrical storm.

Safety Tip # 2
Make sure all electrical equipment, lights, toys, appliances, etc, bear the seal of a nationally recognized certification agency such as CSA, Intertek Testing, ULC, etc…

Safety Tip # 3
GFCI’s are products designed to prevent serious injury or death from electrical shock by detecting ground faults at very low levels.

Safety Tip # 4
Electrical accidents kill approx. 25 industrial workers every year in Canada. Be cautious when working around electrical equipment.

Safety Tip # 5
Check and test smoke alarms on a monthly basis and replace as required.

Safety Tip # 6
Stay back at least 10 meteres (33 feet) from any fallen power lines or exposed cable.

Safety Tip # 7
When using equipment in the vicinity of power lines, always maintain the limits of approach: (3-7 meteres or 10-20 feet depending on the voltage).

Safety Tip # 8
Do not leave plugged in appliances where they may fall into or contact water. If a plugged in appliance falls into water, never reach in to pull it out, even if it is turned off.

Safety Tip # 9
It takes only 10-40 milli-amps to seriously injure or even kill a person.