The “Electrical Inspectors’ Association of British Columbia” is registered under the “Societies Act.” We participate in standards development and provide electrical inspection services to “Authorities Having Jurisdiction.” We provide training to the electrical industry in the form of electrical codes and standards courses and seminars. We believe that a trained and certified electrical workforce fosters the quality of workmanship and compliance required for the safe use of electrical energy for industry and the public. We promote co-operation among electrical inspectors, inspection departments, other organizations, the electrical industry, and the public.

Our Executive Board Members

President : Jason Rowley


Vice President: Andrew Thornley


Past President: Rick May


Secretary: Paul Lehal


Treasurer: Andrew Tully


Membership Secretary: Jeremy Overton


Director: Bill Strain


Director: Brian Esau


Director: George Razzo


Director: Gary Geissinger


Director: Thomas Fong